Quick Parts Lists

After logging in, racers are able to search an electronic parts catalog of over 400,000 part numbers for their specific race vehicles. While all parts can be found using the online catalog, many common jobs can be time consuming to locate all the parts needed. We have created many common parts lists below.

1990-2007 Miata / MX-5

1990-1997 Cooling System Parts 1990-2005 Spec Miata Parts 2006-2008 MX-5 Cooling System Parts 2006-2008 MX-5 Cup Parts

Piston Engine Parts Lists

Valve Shim Application Chart The part numbers listed on the valve shim application chart (link above) are replacement Mazda OE Factory shims for the models/engines shown.

Rotary Engine Rebuild Lists

All the parts you'll need to rebuild various years of rotary engines. 1974-85 12A Rebuild Parts 1976-85 13B Rebuild Parts 1986-92 13B Rebuild Parts 1993-95 13B Rebuild Parts 13B Renesis Rebuild Parts

Stock Parts Catalogs

RX-7 1979-1995

Competition Parts Catalogs

We have converted our last printed catalog to pdf format for download. This is a 1997 catalog and is not up to date, but can help with older cars. This is just the last 'printed' catalog, made available to help some racers with slower connections.
COMPLETE 1997 CATALOG 4 MB (Contains all sections below) Clutch & Flywheel 302 KB
Rotary Engine 212 KB Transmission 328 KB
Piston Engine 1.1 MB Differential & Drivetrain 208 KB
Cooling 211 KB Brakes 149 KB
Intake & Exhaust 192 KB Suspension 527 KB
Ignition & Electrical 140 KB Body & Windows 158 KB
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Parts Microfiche and Workshop Manuals

Parts microfiche are no longer available for order. Microfiche for many popular vehicles have already been copied into pdf format and may be available for free download from the menu to the left.. For 1986 and newer vehicles, our new Electronic Parts Catalog is available online. Click on the STOCK PARTS link under the Catalog Links heading in the navigation bar after logging in. Team Support members can purchase a Mazda Factory Workshop Manual through MAZDASPEED MOTORSPORTS DEVELOPMENT for their vehicle. You will need to call our department at 800-435-2508, to order and have your credit card with security code ready. The workshop manuals are not available for online purchase.
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